Entry #2


2016-04-29 21:44:04 by eos1001

I go through alot of different phases but at this moment I am focused on making rock/acoustic songs

All my music has the theme of positivity,taking good paths in life and moving yourself forward. 

If my music changes peoples lives and inspires people to do great things in life then i can say im successful as a musician/artist

I am open to collaboration for example: gigs,session work,recording riffs/vocals,giving guitar lessons, instrumentals ect

I am also freindly so if you want to get to know me you can either hit me up on newgrounds or facebook at


I also make covers and live versions of my songs on my youtube page so check them out and subscribe if you like them at 


If you like my music check out my soundcloud for more


I look forward from hearing from you all and becoming part of the newgrounds community. :)




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